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Our Works

inherited over a long period of time

something to cherish forever

Even if the times change

unchanging and beloved

the true beauty inside

​I express it with a dress.

Commitment to beautiful embroidery, lace and fabrics

Design, pattern, dyeing and sewing

Each piece is carefully made in our atelier.

​May it be a special piece for your big day.

​©︎Saiko Kodaka

Lily of the valley flower language

Pure, delicate, unadorned beauty, the arrival of happiness

The feeling of caring for someone, a heart of warm compassion

May a lot of happiness come to you

Putting a small thought into a single needle

2012 Started by designer Shiho Nohara

2017 Established MAISONSUZU Co., Ltd. ​


Business location:

5-25-14 Yoyogi, Shibuya, Tokyo


Designer: Shiho Nohara

Stylist : Noriko Ishii, Mie Toya, Nami Haneishi

Modelist : Hinako Kiyosumi, Elice Gocho, Mami Tanaka

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